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"To Empower Individual In-House Counsel to Succeed and to Enhance the Prestige of the In-House Legal Community, so that Together We Can Lead Our Profession Into a Better Future"

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In our time of rapid disruption in business, technology and the legal industry itself, we in the in-house legal community need more than an organization — we need a movement.  We need a movement to collectively empower in-house counsel — as the "buy side" of a $400 billion service industry —  to ensure that legal products and services are affordable, transparent and driven by the real business needs of our internal corporate clients.

At In The House, we believe that the best way to fuel our movement is to build an ecosystem of relationships, information, products and services for and among in-house counsel and other legal industry stakeholders — an ecosystem that includes law firms, legal technology companies and alternative legal services providers.

And to help guide our profession towards a better future, all members of our ecosystem must share our vision of in-house leadership and work towards a better understanding how we can all work together to enhance the prestige of the entire in-house legal profession and to elevate the career success of individual in-house attorneys.

So whether you are an in-house legal professional, a law firm lawyer, a vendor to legal departments or any other stakeholder in the legal services industry, join our movement today.

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