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"To Empower In-House Attorneys to Succeed by Building a World Class Thought Leadership Platform and Driving Beneficial Innovation and Change in the Legal Profession"

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At In The House, we believe that the legal profession has become "stuck" in an counter-productive cycle, with bar association leadership and operations dominated by a handful of large law firms who remain primarily focused on selling expensive billable hours.  As the "buy side" of the $400 billion legal services industry, it is time for General Counsel and other in-house lawyers to lead a movement to re-define the best practices for packaging, pricing and delivering legal services.

We cannot make this journey on our own.  We need partners and allies.  We need to build a new ecosystem of relationships, information, products and services together with other legal industry stakeholders who, like us,  are seeking beneficial change — an ecosystem that includes more innovative law firms, legal technology companies and alternative legal services providers.

To help guide our beloved legal profession into a better future, we are calling upon all legal industry stakeholders who embrace our vision of in-house leadership to work with us to build a more innovative, client-focused and technology-enabled legal services industry.

If you agree with our vision — whether you are an in-house lawyer, a law firm lawyer, a vendor to legal departments or another stakeholder in the legal services industry — why not join our movement today?

ITH — "Our House Is Your House"

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26 Broadway, 8th Floor

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