GCs United ... to Lead a Great Profession & Drive Beneficial Innovation and Change

Our Community

Our Mission

"We Empower In-House Counsel to Succeed Through Education, Thought Leadership, Peer Networking & More"

Our Operations

We are the fastest growing community for General Counsel and other in-house attorneys. 

Operationally, we are building a Community of Legal Innovators with 3 major stakeholders:

1.  In-House Thought Leaders who are empowered and motivated to drive beneficial innovation and change in the legal profession.

2.  Innovative Law Firms who are committed to legal technology, improved efficiency and — most importantly — fully aligning their service offerings with the business objectives of their clients.

3.  Legal Technology Vendors who want to "roll up their sleeves" and work closely with in-house and outside counsel to transform and improve the legal profession, together. 

Our Principles

Our mission and operations flow from our three core principles:

1.  Upholding the Rule of Law is Essential to Personal Integrity and Corporate Success

In 1780, John Adams wrote that we must establish "a government of laws and not of men" — meaning that, to have any legitimacy, the rule of law must apply equally to all persons.  This principle of public law applies with equal force to private businesses. 

The rule of law is indispensable to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in the corporate environment — within our companies as well as in our interactions with other companies, individuals and government agencies.  

2.  In-House Counsel Must Embrace Our Natural Role as Leaders in the Legal Profession  

General Counsel and other in-house attorneys are unique in being embedded within the corporate management structure and are charged with bringing independent legal judgment to the increasingly complex web of laws and regulations faced by companies today. 

As such, it is General Counsel and their in-house staff who have both the privilege and the duty to take the lead role in articulating and upholding the rule of law within the corporate environment.

3.  To Lead Effectively, In-House Counsel Must Work Closely With Other Stakeholders  

While we in the in-house legal community can and must lead the legal profession into the future, we cannot effectively fulfill this role without partnering with two other vital stakeholders in our profession:  outside counsel and legal technologists.

At In The House, we believe it is essential that in-house counsel engage directly with — and actively support — those innovative law firms who are committed to better client service, legal technology and business process improvements. 

We must also work closely with our peers in identifying and championing the legal technology vendors who are delivering the best solutions for enhancing the quality and efficiency of in-house legal practice.

ITH "Our House Is Your House"

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26 Broadway, 8th Floor

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26 Broadway, 8th Floor

New York, NY 10004

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