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At In The House, our mission is to empower in-house counsel by helping you:

  • Connect with your peers at other companies, law firms, vendors and other supporters of the in-house community
  • Exchange information, best practices and advice to optimize your performance and job satisfaction
  • Advance in your career through our thought leadership platforms, mentorship opportunities and recruiting services

We believe that in-house counsel are the most important people in the legal profession and are the natural leaders and advocates of innovation and beneficial change in our field.

Our membership is open to anyone who supports our mission of in-house empowerment, innovation and leadership.  Join our community today at any of these levels:

IN-HOUSE MembershipFull-Time or Part-Time In-House Counsel (unlike other in-house counsel organization we welcome the fast-growing community of part-time in-house lawyers)

AFFILIATE Membership —  We welcome as AFFILIATE Members all people who support our mission of empowering in-house counsel — whether you are an outside lawyer, a law department vendor or some other supporter of the in-house legal community

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26 Broadway, 8th Floor

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Tel.  212-619-5378

26 Broadway, 8th Floor

New York, NY 10004

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